Games are plentiful nowadays however it can be hard to find the right game to play. Among the free and paid games available, paid games are usually of higher quality though one can also find many great free games. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside you should have access to the latest games available.

Within our site we will add the latest and greatest urban games available to play online. More games will also be added in time, check back for more details.

Wondering what to play? Have a gander through our games selection once new games arrive, you are sure to find something to your tastes. Whether you are after casino games or strategy games there is sure to be something that you like.

The topmost rated flash games are not always the games that you want to play however. This is why we'll have our own picks of which games we recommend. Such recommendations may go against the mainstream of course.

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There are many niches when it comes to games, with some people liking shooters and others liking somewhat slower or more cerebral games. That's not to say that shooter games cannot be cerebral as well to a degree, there are many tactical shooters which force the player to think ahead lest they get blasted by smarter opposition.

Shooting games and casino games aside, you will find many games of all different kinds on this site once we get our latest batch of games in. We are working tirelessly to find the best games to add to the site, if you have a particular game in mind let us know and we'll see what we can do.

In the meantime check back here for the latest updates and games, more fun stuff to come out soon! If you have your own game that you want to submit then let us know as well as we may be interested. All games will be subject to a stringent review of course.